Old Tecumseh engine timing help needed


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Old Tecumseh engine timing help needed

I'm looking for somw help w/ a Tecumseh engine. I have an OLD (1980)Troy Bilt tiller that I replaced the coil, condenser & points on. The only number I can find on the engine is F49 stamped on the engine behind the metal shield that sits between the flywheel and the engine itself. This thin shield covers the plug wire and the ground wire that run up from the points & magneto that fit on the shaft. I could fine no identification near the spark plug or on the shroud that holds the starter rope and pulley and covers the flywheel.

I need to know if I must reset the timing on this engine after replacing the starter parts and flywheel. The plugs are specified to be gapped at 0.020 in. Can I set this gap for TDC and be OK for timing? Or, is there more to it?

Thanks for any help out there.

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Are you sure the gap on the plug is not .030"??
If you removed the points/condensor the timing needs to be re-done / checked.
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The points, not plugs, will be gapped at .020", the spark plug is at .030". The exact model is somewhat critical but 5, 6 & 7-horse generally will be set at .080" BTDC and 8 & 10-horse generally will be set at .090" BTDC.

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