adjusting the mower drive belt


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adjusting the mower drive belt

I have a craftsman lawn tractor model 91727641 and the blade won't turn. I can see the pully turning but the belt isn't. I assumed the belt was loose but I can't figure out how to tighten it. Can it be tightened or does it have to be replaced?
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The idler pulley is the only tightening that a craftsman has.If the idler spring is still strong and the belt is behind this pulley and all all the blade quell pulley's,your belt is just strached and needs replacing.
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Check the pulleys (all of them) to make sure they turn free & easy. If a bearing is siezed, the belt will slip on the pulleys. Pay close attention to the quill assy at the rear center of the deck. Make sure everything is smooth & free before putting a new belt on. Also check the blade brake system to be sure it's releasing. Good luck, Roger

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