homelite chainsaw cutting crooked


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homelite chainsaw cutting crooked

I was cutting wood today with my 16" Homelite Ranger today. I was cutting fine for about 30 minutes and then my saw started cutting at and angle even though I was trying to hold it straight. The saw wasn't working as efficiently and began to stall when I got about half way through a log. I sharpened the blade with a file and tried again with the same result. I then switched to a professionally sharpened blade and the saw still cut uneven up and down and left to right. I thought maybe that me bar was bent so I put on a brand new bar with the sharpened blade and it still cut with the same result.

What is going on? I've gone as far as I am familiar with troubleshooting this. PLEASE help me. Any help is much appreciated.
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Is the oiler putting out plenty of oil?Was this a brand new bar right out of the sleve you put on or a (used) brand new bar to this saw?Because this type of problem is useally caused by ether a worn bar or worn drive links in the chain.

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