2-cycle too much compression


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2-cycle too much compression

I would greatly appreciate any ideas on my problem. I have a Homelite 20" 2-cycle chainsaw that's 2 years old with about 2 hrs run time from new. It has been stored in my garage w/o starting for approx 10 months. Recently I tried to use it, but when I pull the starter rope, it feels like there is great resistance with every cycle of the piston, like there is too much compression. When I removed the spark plug, the engine turns over easily with every pull of the rope. Holding the throttle open doesn't help.

I also have an older 2-cycle Ryobi string trimmer that developed the same problem 2 years ago, but I can pull hard on the rope to overcome the strong "lumpy" resistance and actually get it started. Not so with the chainsaw.

Is there some form of compression relief that is supposed to activate when the starter rope is pulled, or do I have another problem? Thanks
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You could buy a Stihl product with their 'easy2start' system. Works like a charm.

Not a Stihl dealer, only a customer.
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You didn't indicate the model saw you have so I can't tell you if yours has a compression release valve. But it likely does not as most Homelite's do not unless it is quite old. I'd say you have a crankcase full of fuel as a result of the carburetor dumping fuel. Remove, soak and recondition the carburetor if this is the case.

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