weed wacker repair


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weed wacker repair

how do you put a new pull cord in a weed wacker ?
help anyone
thanks , joe
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You need to post MFG, Model, etc, before anyone will be able to help much. Have a good one. Geo
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There are a lot of different trimmers and some have the pull cord on the back end of the engine (easy to repair). Some are between the engine and the boom (harder to fix). In all cases, you will have to access the starter rope spool, remove old rope, wind up spool, insert rope and let the spring loaded spool wind in the new rope with a knot on the one end and handle on the other.

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Also be very careful taking it apart as the spring on some pullcord assemblies can "unspring",lol.
I know a man who lost his eye,but that was with a chainsaw pullcord assembly.
Take your time,and then you'll see how it goes.Slowly take it apart,then you'll see how it goes back together.Thread the end of the new cord in,tie a knot in it,then tension the spring by winding it backwards a few turns,sometimes there's an arrow showing which way to tension it,then thread the new cord threw the pull handle,and tie another knot,and try it.
Or ,you could wait for some more advice.
I've replaved pullcords on chain saws,snowblowers,lawnmowers,etc,and they're basically all very similar.But I've had a couple where the spring came out,and it's sometimes hard on the patience to get it back in properly,lol.If that happens,I have another technique to get that back in,lol.
Good luck,and have patience,lol.

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