Murray rider problems


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Murray rider problems

I purchased a new battery and a ignition (even if the ignition wasent my problem i had to use a scedriver to turn it and it was all rusted out and didnt work) okay and nothing happens
if i stick a screwdriver beetween the tow posts on the solinoid it will trun over......not the safty switches neither.....
dose taht mean i need a solinoid i know what one i need but just want to make sure i really need it....
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Test for voltage on the small wire going to the spade terminal on the solenoid when trying to start it. If there is voltage there, the solenoid is bad. If not, you have another problem.
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i wil check that today...
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if you take a jumper wire from positive post on the battery or the battery side of the solnoid at touch the small spade terminal the solnoid should crank the engine. You did not say if you had two small spade terminals or one on the solnoid. On a double spade terminal solnoid you have to take one of the spades to ground with a jumper before you can test it as above. You will have two safety switches on this unit. one on the brake pedal under the frame and the other on the pto lever on the frame. If either of these switches are bad you will not get the engine to crank with the ignition switch. Also, did you get the correct ignition switch for your model? There are about 50 different switches out there for all the different makes and models, battery, magneto and solid state ignition, etc.

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