Time for a Trimmer Upgrade


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Time for a Trimmer Upgrade

Ive been using my $30 electric sears/craftsman trimmer for long enough - 2 summers now. I have alot of lawn to cover and landscaping to trim, and Im spending too much time with this. Takes me an hour to mow, or less, and well over 1.5 hours to trim everything.
I spend my time either moving the cord - I can deal with that - but REPLACING THE DARN STRING!!! I swear I must replace 10-20 strings each time. And every time I stop, have to pull it out (wasting some string) and put in another.

- Probably need a gas trimmer
- Have seen these "bump" styles where its supposed to automatically advance the string. Does it really work?
- Is there a type of trimmer that has heady duty string that doesnt wear out right away?

I figure I might be able to get a deal on one at the end of the season? Help!
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Most better gas trimmers will handle bigger line. Then you can pick from a huge variety of lines. You should be able to run the trimmer for a couple hours in most conditions with a full head of good line. If you go for a good trimmer (echo, stihl, the higher end husqvarnas, robin, etc...) you'll be much happier and it will make the experience of owning a gas trimmer much better.

The bump knobs work well on the good trimmers. On the cheaper trimmers they can be a problem.
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Your better string trimmers will have the recoil on the back of the engine and not between the boom and the engine by the throttle grip. There are some trimer head replacements, such as the no brainer by Tanaka, that use a 16 inck piece of line that a lot of people have been purchasing this year as they do not like rewinding the spools or purchasing the complete spool with line all the time. The .90 (orange) line and larger line will last longer also.
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ok, thanks for the tips.

If i had to run nonstop, might take me 25-30 minutes. Maybe the thicker string will help it last longer - I think mine is currently 0.60 or maybe less? Ok, thats good.

Sounds like I just need to buy a good quality piece of equipment then. Thanks!
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Thumbs up Toro

I bought a Toro this past spring. It works great. Takes .080" string and cuts through anything. $179.

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