need tecumseh carb kit


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need tecumseh carb kit

i need a part number for a tecumseh carb kit. the one i found online Part# 632760B
does not have a main jet. its the only one i could find. the engine is surging after i cleaned out the carb. i noticed that a small oring around the main jet came loose so i tucked it back up with a paper clip. when i rebuild it. how do I remove the main jet(not the float bowl nut) engine model 143.985004 sears wants $68 for a new carb + shipping
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The part number you found IS the carb kit for this carburetor. Tecumseh part numbers that are not included in the kit but you will find you should replace are: 36045A, primer bulb; 632735, emulsion tube (AKA nozzle); 640027, idle jet; And, 640028, main jet/bowl nut. I think the part you are referring to that you can't seem to remove is the nozzle and the o-ring you tucked back "in place" is the lower nozzle o-ring. To help in removing the nozzle, use a flat blade screwdriver from inside the carb throat and push down on the end of the nozzle that protrudes into the venturi. This doesn't absolutely remove the nozzle but helps to get it out. Once removed, be sure to remove the upper nozzle o-ring. It will be very tricky to see up in the chamber and trickier to remove it but you must remove it. The two new o-rings will be in your kit that you already have.

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