Electric Log Splitter

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Electric Log Splitter

Has anyone used an electric log splitter? I am thinking of buying the Task Force 5 Ton 15 Amp Log Splitter from Lowes.
It claims to split logs up to a 10" diameter which should be enough for my needs and I would only use it occasionally. sells for $300.00 much much cheaper then the big gas models.
Any advise would be appreciated

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I've never used one, and don't know much about them. In my experience, things marketed with the task force label have been poor quality. For me, limiting myself to 10" logs would be a bit hard. I guess you can split larger ones by hand though. On the plus side, an electric one won't need the carburetor cleaned and oil changed every year. It should be quieter and more reliable as far as working when you want it to. And then there's the cost factor (could be viewed as a plus) but remember you get what you pay for.

Now if you are using a fireplace as ambiance on occasion, rather than as your primary source of heat, then this thing will probably last you a long time. For me, I dunno...I have a fire in my stove 24/7 during the winter. I split my hood the old fashioned way though...for some reason I love splitting wood. There's something theraputic about it.
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I'd find out the warranty specifics first and find out if you have a local shop that repairs them. What good is a machine if you can't ever repair it due to a lack of parts and/or service or if you would have to travel 60 miles to the nearest repair shop?
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For occasional use, check for tool rental shops in your area. The occasional rental may be a bargain compared to maintaining a seldom used unit.
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what about a DR log spliter

are those any better
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Did that

I just returned the Task Force 5 ton electric splitter. After a bout an hour 1/4 the unit gave up. It split the logs fine until it just wasn't able to operate. I checked the hydraulic fluid and was operating the unit with the air vent screw open 1-2 turns. I think the hydraulic system gave out. I called their service and was told to return the unit. I noticed that approximately 20% of the units had failed (8 local Lowes stores had about 24 units or 3 apiece and 4 of the 24 were listed as damaged and returned to the store). I'm not sure I want to try another Task Force, but they are cheaper than DR and aestetics it has. Sorry I was unable to respond to your request earlier, but I received as a Xmas present.
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Task Force Log Splitter

I purchased a Task Force Log Splitter, but it was a floor model and did not have a manual. I have been looking online, but without success. Does anyone know where to put the hydraulic fluid? We are supposed to get more snow tonight and I need to split wood asap!! Thx in advance for your help!!
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Thumbs up Task Force Splitter works as advertised

I purchased a Ryobi 4 HP log splitter from Home Depot a couple of months ago and the thing died on me the first day. I was splitting oak rounds and first off the thing started leaking hydraulic fluid (and I noticed it came to me low from the factory).
I went to WalMart and bought some fluid, so $18 and an hour later I was ready to start. (Yes, I followed all the operating instructions, including opening the valve to allow air into the cylinder.) It initially did fine, then it bogged down after a while on even easy pieces of wood, then about 30 minutes into splitting it died electrically. Just quit.
"Resetting" the circuit breaker didn't work, and there was no electrical power issue on my end (I used a high capacity extension cord, and the outlet was rated well) so I returned it to Home Depot. To their credit, they took it back no questions asked. I'm sure I just got a lemon, and I don't hold it against Home Depot.
Then I went to Lowes and bought the 5 HP Task Force splitter, for $30 less. It split the same rounds I was left with, with no electrical or hydraulic issues (and it was full to the proper level from the factory). I have had the TF splitter for 2 months now and have split 4 cords of white oak plus some pine. The rounds were up to 20" in diameter, but I find that if you "slab" them, meaning cut off slices around and then split the middle after you reduce the rounds to a smaller size, the splitter works like a charm. Unless you have a high power gas splitter, you'll need to do that with any electric splitter.
NO electric splitter will easily handle knots or excessively large pieces, but the Task Force handled what I asked of it and I think the extra 25% of power (5 HP vs. 4 HP) gave it the advantage over the Ryobi.
It also had better quality rubber wheels than the Ryobi, and had markings on the bed to measure the logs. The thing seemed better made than the Ryobi and had some nicer features (including having the valve wing nut covered in vinyl so it didn't hurt your fingers every time you had to adjust it--lots of little touches like that.)
I'm very pleased with the TF splitter. I'm ready for next year!
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We have had ours 2 years and we LOVE it. No problems - splits just about anything length/width we put on there. Quiet, easy to maneuver, would buy another one in a heartbeat.
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Log splitters

I may be different but why not look at a manual pumped splitter. I went and bought a manual hydraulic log splitter at Harbor Freight, a lot cheaper and works great! Pumping the rods is also a good shoulder exercise for my repaired shoulder muscles. While not as fast as a motored splitter it does the job. I just finished three cords with n.o.
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Did you ever get a manual? What about checking the hydraulic fluid? I bought one used and haven't been able to find a manual under the name Task Force, although I've heard they are marketed under different brand names. Ron

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