Craftsman Tractor Mower gears stick


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Craftsman Tractor Mower gears stick

I can change the gears easily when the motor is off, no problem there. Once the I have selected a gear (any gear) with the motor running I am stuck in that gear, it takes a considerable force to shift gears. This is not a hydrostatic (?) drive.
What could be the problem?
Drive belt too tight?
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Your clutch isn't disengaging.
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That is what I thought, I adjusted the idler pulley to the point that the belt is too loose to drive the tractor, I still had the gear change problem. Unless I am missing something else, is there a clutch assembly in the transmission?
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It sounds like the belt is keeping a little turning pressure on the transmission pulley. Even if the belt is loose, the pulling side of the belt can still have force on it if the belt is not in good condition. The sides of the belt should be wrapped with cloth to allow it to slip easily and fall out of the groove in the pulley, allowing it to completely relax. If the sides are worn and the cloth covering is gone, the exposed rubber tends to grab a bit and keep a little tension on the side of the belt that the engine is pulling from. This can put just enough pressure on the gear in the tranny to make it hard to shift. I'd suggest replacing the belt.
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A peek under the tractor revealed that the drive pulley and transmission pulley both have surface rust from not being used. I am repairing the deck and so the tractor has been standing for a while, and the Florida humidity has left its mark. So that explains why there is pressure on the transmission pulley and why the gears stick. The belt is new, I replaced it 2 months ago. Is there something I can use to prevent the surface rust? Obviously oil is not a good idea.
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Check the belt retainers around the engine pulley. If the retainers are in the right adjustment when the clutch is ingauged the belt should form a arc around the pulley and keep it from draging in the pulley.
What about the brakes? When you ingauge the clutch the brakes should stop the tractor. You should only be able to shift out of gear when the tractor is stoped and there is no weight on the gear.

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