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Wink Husky 359 help or info

Hello all husky fans, who I hope will have some answers for me. In 04 I bought a Husky 359. I chose that because it was supposed to be the best. But I have found it to be somewhat temperamental and had various problems all being fixed by the local dealer/servicer. Since I'm out in the sticks there's really no one that's close to me, all my service needs have meant long 2 way trips in most cases. My latest problem is the chain oiler is not pumping so the chain stays dry (not a good thing) so I can't use the saw until I fix it again. Since it seems I will continue to have problems and I happen to be electrically/mechanically adept I am looking for a service manual for the 359...can't seem to find any available to buy or preferably download. The owner's manual obviously does not help for repairs and/or parts breakdown.

Any suggestions or reference for a 359 service manual, and/or else good suggestions on how to get to the oil pump path to clear the blockage? For what it's worth I can see the oil filter fitting in the oil well and it looks clean on the outside, but I have not removed the brass filter piece from the hose yet. I suspect the blockage is elsewhere at the other end maybe where it oils the chain, somewhere under the clutch I have been told.

I need to get this done before the snow flies.
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Could this be what you are looking for.

Have a good one. Geo
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It's fairly unlikely that you have a blockage issue and more likely that the pump has failed. Typically, on Varna's, there will be two part numbers for the oil pump components in full. And, typically, these two parts are less than $20. I recommend replacing the pump and pickup/feed lines.
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Varna question

Thank you both, now I have something to study and work with.
How did you find that shop manual? And thanks for the pump suggestion.

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