Tecumseh 6.75 Mower problem


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Tecumseh 6.75 Mower problem

I have a Craftsman mower with a Tecumseh 6.75 engine in it. The mower has been great until I did something wrong.

The city came around two years ago and cracked the cast iron water valve pipe in everyones yards up, so when I came off the sidewalk with the mower BOOM. Blade came to a dead stop, severely bent and damaged.

My cousin who works on engines said I bent the crank, mild bend, and straightened it. The mower ran fine for a few years then developed a few problems.

First, once hot, it didn't want to stop. I could let the safety bar go and it would take a minute to idle down and finally shut off. Second. After it got hot it would 'clack' so I would stop and let it cool.

I changed the oil and the clacking seems to have go away but now there is a new problem. I cannot get it to start.

Last time I started it, it took 40 VERY hard pulls by my brother and I, he almost had to push the mower away from me while I pulled to get more force. Doesn't help that I have a cast on with pins in my thumb but this is getting worse and worse quickly.

Once running, it runs a little rough for a minute or two to heat up then seems ok, but midway through the yard just idles down and dies and then is very difficult to start again, even has to cool a little.

I have changed the spark plug, air filter, and made sure to drain the tank and use new gas with no results. Even tried starting fluid and it actually does nothing to help the situation.

I am at a loss, I don't want to bother my cousin with it, he works on bikes, sleds, and such but answers questions. I noticed oil on the side of the engine where the filler is, thought it was just a spill so I clean it up but unless it is trapped somewhere it comes back.

Head gasket, carb, anything I can look at? I don't have money for a new mower since it's the end of the year but if I have to junk it I will. Any help would be appreciated very much.

Broken and Broke in West MI.
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Some ideas;
When you bent the blade you probably partially sheared the flywheel key which would put the engine out of time, so remove the flywheel and replace the key.
Remove the bowl from the carb, you will find holes in the nut holding the bowl on(main jet) 2 holes are at the bottom and a very tiny on about midway up, plus the one through the middle, clean these holes(I usually use the wire from a twist tie) then blow them out with brake parts cleaner, reassemble and you should be good to go. Have a good one. Geo
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I appreciate your response.

Quick question. How do I remove the flywheel? From top, bottom? What does the key look like?
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There is a puller for this. You pull it from the top. I've heard of others not using the puller & you can damage the crank that way. Make sure to tie off the engine brake to make life a lot easier. Napa sells the puller, & the key is a little strange looking, almost an "L" shape. Take the engine numbers to any small engine place & they can fix you up Good luck, Roger

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