Leaf Blower shut down during operation


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Leaf Blower shut down during operation


I recent acquired a used Ryobi 310BVR gas leaf blower.

I mixed the correct gas/oil ratio and successfully started the
blower. I used it for about 90 minutes, turning it off/on several times. After 90 minutes the blower shut off during operation. I figured it was out of gas, but it did have gas left. It wasn't full, but it definitely wasn't running super low. So I re-filled just in case, and I haven't been able to start it since. Any ideas?
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After unsuccessful attempts to start, pull plug and see if it is wet or dry, if dry might just be the fuel filter needs to be replaced, if transparent fuel lines, watch as you prime to see if fuel is moving thru.
while you got plug out, reattach to plug wire and ground to block, pull rope and see if spark occurs. make sure on/off sw is on.
while you got plug out, check compression, should be 90-100 psi +.
good luck

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