Featherlite weedeater


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Angry Featherlite weedeater

I pulled this out of the trash a couple months ago it didnt look like it ran. But I got it home and I primed it several times and then I followed the directions on the airbox. (I do this because since ive had lawn equt. it seems they start and run better when I follow te directions) The directions said:
1.prime six times
2.put to full choke and pull string sharply six times
3.move to half choke and pull string til running
4.let engine run for ten seconds then move to off choke
And it ran great!

But several months later I go to start it and it will only run several seconds if I prime the hell out of it. All I get is like 10 seconds mabe 5. I put on a different carb still the same.....
I have another weedeater by featherlite that I can take parts off of but I dont know what I should swap out...
The gas is fresh......and so is the oil (not that it matters)

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Most likely the fuel lines are shot, replace the fuel lines and most of the problems will be solved. Have a good one. Geo
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Always start with a new spark plug!

You should definitely check your tubing and fuel filter but it still sounds like a carb problem to me? Unless the carb you substituted is brand new or recently & correctly rebuilt I would rebuild the carb. I suspect a hardened main metering diaphragm and a bit of clogging plus be sure to remove the screen so you can clear any collected debris.

If by chance you have done this already or do it and there is still no change I would suggest that you may have an almost or completely restricted screen inside your muffler.

You really should clean the muffler out first and if that is your problem the carb rebuild could possibly wait a while?

Good Luck, Ron
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Hmm indeed I think its a muffler problem because when it did run it was loud and it didnt seem like it should be that loud the muffler is pretty ugly with grease and grime....so a full tune up carb claen fuel lines and mufler clean....Ill let you all know....

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