1995 Tecumseh HM80


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1995 Tecumseh HM80

I have this HM80 that had been in storage for 9 years and tried to get it going, it has no more than 3 hrs. on it. The carburator was all varnished up so I dismanteled it and cleaned thoroughly with carb cleaner. The motor will now start but backfires and will not run well, without choke partialy on, it surges and will not run smooth with any jet settings. Question is! Could it be Faulty ignition, corroded points or carb just not clean enough. Any Suggestions? Thanks!
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Not being familar with your particular engine, however, most Tec engines have the same problem. Remove the bolt holding the carb bowl on, look very closely and I think you will find 2 holes at the bottom and another tiny one about 1/2 up plus the one that runs through the center, clean these holes(I usually use the wire from a twist tie) then blow them out with brake parts cleaner, put it back on and you should be good to go. Have a good one. Geo
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For a carb that has been in storage for 9 years just cleaning with carb cleaner will not work. You will need to purchase a carb kit and install it. Before installing it you will need to remove bowl, float, seat, both welch plugs, idle adjustment needle and soak carb body in a bath type cleaner. Then run a small wire through all holes and openings. Blow with compressed air. Now install kit, make all adjustments and you should be good to go. I would also check the gas flow from the carb, the screen in the tank could have gotten lacquered up a bit.

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