Echo trimmer will not idle, runs only wide open.


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Echo trimmer will not idle, runs only wide open.

Hello, I have an Echo split boom string trimmer about 3 years old with heavy use. Never had any difficulty until now. Motor will start and run only if throttle is wide open. Immediately stalls at idle. Air filter is clean, so is fuel filter. Fuel is fresh. Fuel flow from gas tank is steady. As far as I know, there are no carb adjustments other than the idle screw. Short of a carb repair kit (which I hesitate to tackle), what else can I try?

Thanks for your time!
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From your description, the throttle control is working freely and the throttle plate returns to idle stop, I'd opt to rebuild carb.
The Echo's I've worked on have good quality fuel lines, not the transparent kind that breakdown every 4-5 yrs.
I'm guessing your unit has a Zama carb, a C1Q or C1U.
They're fairly easy to overhaul, just keep everything clean.
The Zama web site has service manuals for all their carbs that explain fairly well overhaul procedure.
As a matter of course, I usually replace the fuel tank vent, the little white plastic part at the end of it's own tube, but, yours may not need it.
One thing, when re-assemblying metering lever, metering pin, metering spring, and metering inlet valve pin, use the old metering lever, it's already set to proper height.
the kit's usually less than $15.
good luck,
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Since the machine runs well at top end then you know you're getting good fuel flow to the carburetor, which means you will have a restriction in the idle circuit within the caruburetor. This likely can be taken care of with an adjustment but you're likely not finding an adjustment because the government doesn't want you messing with them but there should be at least one but possibly two. If only one then it will be the idle circuit and a repair shop will have the tools to expose and adjust the adjusting screw. Why not, then, see your local small engine shop (that works on handheld equipment) and have them make the adjustment for you.

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