Lawn Boy won't start after it is hot


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Lawn Boy won't start after it is hot

Have a 1982 Lawnboy Model # 0292. It starts fine when cold.

After it runs for awhile and I shut if off. It will not restart?

Any ideas out there?

Thank you.
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When it's in a no-start, pull the spark plug, hook it back to the wire, ground the hex part of the plug to the cooling fins on the engine & crank it to see if it has spark. Let us know what you have. Roger
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If you find no spark when you check for such as hopkinsr2 instructed then you most likely have a failed ignition coil but you will first need to confirm this by eliminating the kill switch as a potential problem by removing the kill wire from the coil at the coil and then checking for spark. The problem here is that much time will have elapsed in doing this procedure and the coil will have had time to cool down and possibly gained spark back. If you want to be sure you repair it the first time, then you could always replace both the coil and the switch (which I believe comes with the wiring to the coil). Lawn-Boy part numbers 682340, coil and 682514, switch.

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