Honda EU2000I generator carb adjust


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Cool Honda EU2000I generator carb adjust

I'm brand new to this forum, so excuse me if I'm asking a question which has already been asked. Recently purchased 2 new Honda eu-2000i generators. Had carburetor issues with both. So far Honda picked up repairs which included replacement of one carb., and adjustment of the other one. Also had a bad low oil sensor switch which caused oil to leak from crankcase through the switch and dump through the case onto the floor. Honda replaced the switch.
Question 1 Anyone have a carburetor adjustment procedure for this engine? Don't want to run to the shop if all is wrong is a simple adjustment in the future.
Question 2. Mechanic at the shop told me that he has seen problems with carburetors when gasoline stabalizer had been added to fuel. Anyone experience this?
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If it's under warranty take it to the dealer one more time and ask what the adjustments are, at this point you don't want to do anything to the equipment and give someone an excuse to void the warranty. Have a good one. Geo
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I'm not at all familiar with these generators specifically but I can say that being new it is highly unlikely to find any carburetor adjustments at all (other than idle speed (RPM)). There are, however, fixed jets that, on ocassion, need to be cleaned if you don't take the proper storage procedures. As far as fuel stabilizer being harmful to the fuel system or even the carburetor alone, I'd say that the technician you spoke with must be fresh out of high school and lacks the knowledge of how helpful stabilizer is. Unless this is some new carburetor material that I'm not aware of and somehow stabilizer poses a threat to the integrity of the material, I say that there is no better means of treating gasoline for storage periods. Notice I said "treating". Proper storage of engines containing gasoline is to use the proper amount of stabilizer in the gas tank - based on the quantity of gas in the tank - and if the engine is stored in a warm or hot climate you need to run the engine once a month for 10-15 minutes. Generally if an engine is stored in a cold climate, only, then it is rare that you need to run the engine at all during storage periods. Cold/cool climates have little to no effect on the volatility of the gasoline after 6 or so months of storage. If, on the other hand, you insist on running the engine regardless of the climate (as I do with ALL my power equipment) be sure to use an all-climate synthetic oil. Say you have a lawn mower that you use only in the summertime and have a 30W oil in the engine, you do not want to run this engine during cold weather as the oil is not designed to be run in the winter and trying to run this engine at 10-below zero will certainly cause harm to the engine.
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Honda Generator And Gasoline Stabalizer

Thanks for the feedback regarding gas stabilizer. I have always felt the same as you, that it does way more good than bad to mix gasoline with stabilizer as long as the proportions are accurate. As far as carb adjustments, I could not find any thing to adjust without taking the carb off the engine. Not going to do that to keep my warranty intact. My plan is to take the gen. back to the dealer and let them make it right. Honda has had a great reputation, and so far they have corrected the problems. Again, thanks for the response.

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