Uh-oh...grinding sound from motor


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Uh-oh...grinding sound from motor

Hi. I have a 4 yr old Lawn-Boy 2 cycle/6.5 horse lawnmower.

The motor seems to be running okay...but, when I turn it off, I hear a grinding/screaching sound as the engine stops.

I lifted the mower and turned the blade by hand and can hear what sounds like metal rubbing against metal. This can't be good.

Any ideas of what this may be and what I can do about it?

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I am not sure how the brake works on that mower but it sounds like the brake pad may be worn away and you have metal to metal much like when the brakes wear out on a car. You might check the mechanism to see if it is functioning properly. Have a good one. Geo
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Thanks Geo. I didn't know there was a brake in there. But, thats exactly what the grinding sounds like. Is that part easy to get to? Thanks.
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The mower will have a brake system but without the model and serial numbers off of the mower deck I can't tell you what you have specifically. Find these numbers and post back here with them.
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Hi...it's from 2001

Model number is Silver Pro 10323.

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Part number 93-4312 , mounts up under the flywheel. A pretty easy fix.

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