Snowblower won't pull start


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Snowblower won't pull start

have a craftsman snow blower that i am currently rebuilding. right now it will only start when power cord is hooked into it. it won't pull start. when it does start with the cord it takes a few seconds of cranking it before it turns over. maybe the pull start isn't moving the gas properlly? i am at a loss here. problem is when/if the blower shuts off (hopefully won't now that i have rebuilt the carb), i have to push it all the way back to my garage to start again. any suggestions as to where i might start???>>??
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have u cleaned the carb
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You need to post the engine Mfg, Model, Type, Code etc. then someone will be able to help. You have asked, how long is a rope. Have a good one. Geo
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So, have you rebuilt the carburetor? Your post isn't very clear. The three areas of concern, engine related, are: Compression; Ignition; And, carburetion.

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