Craftsamn-Tecumseh Replacement Motor?


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Craftsamn-Tecumseh Replacement Motor?

I just inherited a ~7 yr old Sears Craftsman propelled lawn mower that is basically in pretty good shape - except the motor is kaput - everything is in good shape.
With the spark plug out and when rotating the fly wheel there absolutley no compression so I guess the piston etc is gone.

What I'm thinking of is just buying a replacement engine and basically winding up with a 'new' lawn mower.

The model is a Sears 917 37630 (s/n 050796M 003707) with a Sears Roebuck (Tecumseh I think?) engine # 143966500

I think it's about a 6.5 HP

Any ideas/advice on locating a replacement motor and the approx cost...?
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This is actually eleven years old (manufactured on May 7, 1996, per the chassis' serial number), are you sure you want to do anything with this? I wouldn't but if you still do then you will find it difficult to find a suitable replcacement engine other than an exact replacement from Tecumseh. And the engine, originally, was a Tecumseh Vector engine and, in my opinion, is the worst small engine ever produced for walk-behind lawn mowers. I say keep looking for a different lawn mower. Just my opinion.
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You said there is no compression when the spark plug is out and you turn the flywheel ??
The spark plug has to be installed to check compression.
Am I missing something here ?

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