Exhaust help?


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Exhaust help?

Hey i could use some help with my exhaust? does it even really help to hook up a different exhaust. and if it does how do you do it? pictures would be really nice.
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On what? There isn't much of any benefit gained by changing exhaust on regular outdoor power equipment.
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im talking about for my mower. i am looking at building a racing mower and wondered if an exhaust change on that would help.
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Around here pulling tractors is the rage, most go to a straight pipe setup.
I primarily just fix them to run like they were intended to,
but I have helped a few kids out now and then.

First, I would advance the flywheel just a hair.

Next, this was on old flathead engines, I would take off
the head gasket, and replace it with "Indian Head Gasket
Shellac", that kicks your compression ratio way up, if it
doesnt leak badly. After you get it hot the first time, resnug
up the head bolts.
The one racing go-cart I did this for melted the pto
clutch, and the pulling tractor I did this on, blew out the
transmission on the first pull.
If you tried that on an ohv, the piston would probably hit the head.


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