Craftsman LT 100 is getting old! Needs some tweaks!


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Craftsman LT 100 is getting old! Needs some tweaks!

I have a few issues with this mower.

First, I beat the h--- out of it over the years, but it still runs, although not perfectly.

Here are the issues, and if anyone knows the solutions, I would appreciate the advice. I am very mechanical, just not with smaller engines and tractors, but hope to be someday.

1. I need to know the valve specs on the rockers. Intake and Exhaust. I had trouble getting it to turn over, and remembered when it happened before under warranty the service tech adjusted the valve clearance. Did it, and it starts now, but still is not perfect. Did it by feel, not with a gauge. Starts good, but will stall if you don't choke it when cold, otherwise runs good. Does anyone know the specs? And do you do top dead center just like a car? Do you use a straw in the spark plug hole to tell if the engine is at the top of the stroke, or is there a mark somewhere?

2. The brake does not work that well. I stop way past when I push it! Dangerous! How do I adjust or replace it? Where is it, and the basic mechanics of how it works?

3. A question. It the transmission on the LT 1000 Craftsman belt driven? If so how often should the belt be changed.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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There were lots of engines available for that mower. Without knowing what you have, I can't tell you the valve clearances. Usually .005" for both on OHV briggs engines. No adjustment needed for kohler commands.

The brake should have a 1/2" nut on the side of the transaxle where the brake arm mounts on the tranny that adjusts the brake engagement. Tighten it a little to make it work better/sooner.

Belts should be replaced when they get worn or cracked. There's not much of any way to say how often that will be as some may need belts every other year, while others may need belts every 7 or 8 years, depending on many variables. Inspection will reveal belt condition.

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