Muffler for a Craftsman Lt4000


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Muffler for a Craftsman Lt4000

It has a 15 hp Briggs and Stratton. This was given to me in a non running condition (which I got running) but with no muffler so I have no idea what it looks like. It just has the exh pipe from the cylinder head and at the end of it, it is flanged. There is no pipe threads or anything. Anyone have any ideas on that?
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take your sears numbers to the sears website and look up the unit. The muffler more than likely has gone away with corrosion. you should be able to see what the muffler looks like.
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What Sears' number? The motor number?
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Lift up the seat of the tractor and there should be a tag that begins with something like 535.xxxxxxx or 917.xxxxxxx etc.

Or on the engine shroud there will be numbers stamped in, it most likely will begin with 143.xxxxx.
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Thanks. I got it: 917.252.510. I see the muffler!
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Choke Linkage for Craftsman LT4000

Almost got everything done on this thing! Thanks for everything up to now! Im missing the choke linkage and have no idea where to get one or even a diagram on this. I tried the Sears link and it doesn't show it. Does anyone have a pic or link to a diagram or even know where I can get one? I has a Walbro carb on it.

Thanks again!
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I merged this post into the previous thread you started about this mower so that we can keep all the info about this mower in one place. It makes it easier for us to tell what you have, and what you've done to it so far.

There should be a link attatched to the choke on the carb and going to the control on the side of the engine. That's all there is to the choke linkage. The throttle cable should choke it when the throttle is all the way up.
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Cheese, the reason I started a new thread was because people will see the title of "muffler question" and may not look even though it is a choke question. But I understand why you did it.

Mine doesn't have a choke set up at all and I need that particular linkage and don't even know what it looks like, etc.
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You'll need to locate the model, type and code numbers from your engine and go to and do a parts lookup for your particular engine in order to find and determine what you have missing.
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Thanks, I believe I found it, but not sure how it actually goes on!

Here is the part:

Here is the best pic I could find of it on the net:
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looking for a seat for a lt4000 rideable mower

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