Oil Type in Tecumseh engine......


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Oil Type in Tecumseh engine......

I am tuning up my snow blower for the pending season. The engine is an 8.5 HP (HMSk85) and calls for 5w30. Any opinions on brands or oil additives? I will be changing the oil every season so that is good but I'm ok putting a real good oil if warranted.

Thanks in advance!!!

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I would go with name brand oils. Castrol,pennzoil,mobil,gulf,
Synthetics are good also. I wouldn't add anything else for a additive until the engine is at least 30 years old.
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oil type

A lot depends on how old your snowblower is. Yes, use 5w30. I would not use any additives. Use a name brand oil form any of the oil companies. Stay away from store brand oils. (Walmart's Pro Tech is junk,(it cost me an engine) AutoZone won't tell you who makes their oil for them, however NAPA oil is Valvoline which is fine). If this is a fairly new engine, I would use a synthetic oil. I use Royal Purple. However, synthetics will cost you $5 & up per qt. which I think is well worth it. I use it in my truck. And your snowblower only takes about 20-26 oz., just less than a qt.

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