won't stay running


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won't stay running

I have been given a Viking 5 / 21 snowblower with a Techumsie engine ( 5 hp ) . Last year it ran great , but this season it seems to run for a bit then die . Also when you put it under load ( engage the auger or drive sytem ) it die's off.
Im thinking carb . i don't have a repair manual to go with it .
Anyone have any idea's what it could be ???
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This web site;
has the repair manual that will cover your model, the 3-11hp Lhead one.
If we had the model and spec of your engine, we could better help.
If you decide to clean the carb, which is the problem, draw a picture of the throttle/governor linkage before you disassemble.
hope this helps,
let us know your progress,
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Without knowing the engine specifics, remove the carb bowl and clean the nut(main jet) that held the bowl on, there are 2 holes at the bottom and a tiny one midway up and the one thru the center(I usually use the wire from a twist tie) then blow out the holes with brake parts cleaner, reassemble and you should be good to go. Have a good one. Geo
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Smile thank you

what a great site ..... thanks to all for the ideas
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If, after you disect the carburetor, you notice alot of varnish then I recommend soaking the carburetor and reconditioning it. If such, spray cleaners just won't do the trick. Bathe the carb and install the proper rebuild kit, and any other needs in the carb as well as a new mounting gasket.

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