Honda GX140 - no start


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Honda GX140 - no start

Help - I've got a Honda GX140 5hp engine turning a pressure washer pump that wouldn't start. Found the problem to be no spark due to the oil alert switch in the crankcase. Is this switch an oil level sensor, or a pressure sender, or what? Do they go bad? If so, how big a pain are they to swap? Also, this engine has an oil dipstick and aperture on both sides of the block, but no mark as to "low" or "full" on either stick. Is it full when it won't hold any more with both sticks out (or even just one)? Trying to fix this for a friend - any help would be appreciated. Thanks - Chris
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To address the oil fill portion of your question, you can download the owners manual for this model at:
page 21 has pictures of oil fill, it takes 20 ozs of oil recommendations.
hope this helps,
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Stand by for Cheese, the other Topic Mod, to answer your questions on the oil sensor, he's most familiar with Honda's. He should be online late tonight or early tomorrow.
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The oil sensor is not a pressure sensor, it just senses the presence of oil. It is not easily removed...well, it's easy, but not as easy as I think you're asking. You have to remove the engine crankcase cover to get the sensor out.

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