Changing Belts Craftsman SnowBlower


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Changing Belts Craftsman SnowBlower

I have a Craftsman Model 536.887990 9HP-29Inch clearing snow thrower. It's a dual stage. I'm trying to change the belts, the owners manual says: remove all the covers including the bottom one. Loosen the belt and move the belt guide out of the way (did that) Pull the idler pulley away from the AUGER DRIVE PULLEY. then it says to remove the belts. This like saying to bake a bake, bake a cake. They give you no instructions on how to do it. I figured out that you have to get the belts out from down below, but there is minmum of clearence. If anyone has any tips on how to get the old ones out and the new ones please let me know.
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You'll need to remove the auger belt first (front most) and you'll see that there should be belt guides (or one large one around a good portion of the lower circumference of the driven pulley) on the bottom side of the driven pulley (the large one). With all belt guides removed you can then loop the auger belt off the engine pulley first then off of the driven pulley. You can now remove the wheel drive belt by first removing it from the driven pulley (large) first and then the engine pulley.
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Thanks. If i read the manual right all i have to do is remove the bolts that hold the bucket and frame together,to service the belts.Do i understand correctly that the bucket and frame just separate? In other words,nothing else to remove,disconnect? its a gray area to me.

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