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Snowblower Help

I was given a Snow King snowblower with a 5.0 HP Tecumseh engine in it. I did get it running for a bit and then it died out (I assume becuase the choke was messed up but that is my fault) anywho the starter rope broke...I did replace it but it doesn't seem as tight as it should...does this mean I did not wind it tight enough before releasing it? After I replaced it, it did not start after that and I put a new spark plug in it, fresh gas, etc...any suggestions.

So questions being

What to do differently in replacing starter rope (the only thing I could find was a universal looked like lawn mower rope)

How to get the darn thing started again
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Remove recoil, pull rope out all the way. Secure recoil and undo/cut knot at the handle. Pull rope out of recoil. Wind recoil counter clockwise as far as it will go and then just relase enough so that holes line up. Insert rope through holes, then through the handle. Tie knot at handle and release slowly. Should be tight. When tieing knot lightly burn end to secure. If you can tie a double left hand knot that is not necessary.

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