What dissolves dead gas deposits in carbs?


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What dissolves dead gas deposits in carbs?

Forgive me if you've seen this already, but:

In my previous life, I ran a lawn and garden equipment dealership with my father, but I left that 24 years ago. I was great at repairing small engine equipment, but I'm no chemist!!

The reason I am here today is because after all this time, I have two snowblowers I just bought with carburetors to go through that had old gas left in them until the "varnish" deposits developed. I've tried two carb cleaners only to find that they don't work like they use to. Guess like so many other products, they've been made "safer" which = ineffective, huh?? What are you guys using that works in 2007?? I'd prefer something I can let them soak in for a day or so.
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NAPA mac 6402 is very good bath type, it is more expensive than some of the others but it works and will last you along time(don't put any rubber parts in it). Have a good one. Geo
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My Safety Kleen distributor also has a good product in 6 Gallon bucket. He also takes care of my regular parts cleaner. Gunk carb cleaner soak works well for a couple of months if you soak it for a couple of hours with a little occasional adjation and you can get it in gallon cans at many auto part stores.
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To add to Geo's post...and don't soak most plastics in it either. Some carburetors have plastic fuel inlet fittings and you can't soak these such for more that 10 minutes at a time before removing and spraying off with carb/choke spray cleaner and allowing to air dry before soaking again for 10 more minutes.
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I just got home from my neighbors where he had taken his blower into his buddy's shop. Said they cleaned soaked the carb. Must not have been to strong as the paint was still on the carb bowl and a varnish ring on the inside. Lucky it was a variable jet type and was able to clean up the high speed jet enough with my handy can of Gumout choke cleaner and probe out the small holes to get him running. Will have to get his carb later to get the low speed jet cleaned more so the engine does not hunt at idle. This snow every two or three days here has really put the my shop about a week behind in servicing. All four tecs can not keep up and on the fourth semi load of new blowers from the distributor this year. Early 1990's was the last time we had sales like this.

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