Snowblower auger won't turn


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Snowblower auger won't turn

Hi. I have a 1998 Toro 824 Power Shift 2-stage snowblower. When I put it away in the spring it worked perfectly. When I went to use it this winter for the first time, I found that the auger won't turn. I replaced both belts and no change. The shear bolts are also okay. When I depress the impeller/auger lever, the impeller spins (so I know the belt is working) and the impeller shaft to the auger spins. However, the auger and and auger shaft do not turn. In fact, the auger freewheels even though the impeller shaft is spinning. I'm thinking it must be the worm gear on the impeller shaft, but can't figure out how it could have gone bad just sitting in the garage over the summer. Any suggestions?
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Toro Snowblower

Hi there;
Just a suggestion. Pull the cover that covers the belts. In there check that the belts are on properly. There is a tensioner that the belts serpentine around that engages when the lever is pressed. Sometimes this will stick and not engage the belt. I WD40'ed mine and let it sit, it then engaged properly. Sometimes, in storage,the wheel just takes up a cozy spot and stays there. I learned to '40 everything internally when I lay it up for the summer.
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Definately sounds like your worm gear is stripped. Should replace shaft and gear, usually sold as a pair. Parts alone around $125 Just did 2 on 624'S

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