Snow King Snow Blower


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Snow King Snow Blower

I have Snow King Snow Blower - the engine starts and runs fine. The issue is it slips out of gear. I open the case and bottom and their is a fork like piece that clips into a knob - sorry, I'm probably not describing it very clearly. It slips on rather easie and kind of snaps in. But as soon as I start blowing snow - it slips out. The machine then stays in high gear. The snow blower has six forward speeds and two reverse. Should there be a nut or something that keeps the fork piece on the knob. Sometimes when I go to put it in gear it seems like its locked up but then it allows me to slid the knob on top to get it in gear. Ultimately though it slips out and I'm in sixth gear blowing snow.

Any insight and guidance is appreciated.
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Snow King is the engine series which is a Tecumseh engine. It tells us absolutely nothing about the chassis which you have issues with. You need to post back with the make, model and serial numbers of the snow thrower before we can begin to help you.
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Snow king sno blower

O.K. I've got mine apart due to a broken chain. The speed control lever inside has two forks on it with deep U shaped ends. These U shaped ends go around a spoked wheel (wheel with 2-nubs equally spaced on its perimeter) that moves the rubber drive wheel around the diameter of the drive plate. Are the ends (nubs) of the spoked wheel worn and are both forks should be securely welded onto the control rod that runs front-back.

My problem is a broken drive chain inside the gear box. For those of us so numerically inclined it is a model F2784070 S/N 001158337348 code 5215. The chain is broken at what I guess is a master link the plates are bent from inside to outside to mate up with the other end and is (was) held in place with a pin that has a small diameter hole thru the end of the pin. I seem to have most of the pieces except perhaps a washer and the clevis pin that goes thru the small hole. Anybody ever fix these things, what would I need. Or should I just get a new chain instead of the pieces?


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