Toro 828 Powershift Governer Adjustmenr


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Toro 828 Powershift Governer Adjustmenr

Snow Blower runs great. Idle is fine with the Whells engages and moveing. Even with the Auger Moving.
It isn't Until the Auger hits the Snow. Once the Auger hits the Snow the RPM drops to about Half. I belive it is the Governer. Where is it located and how do you adjust it?
Like I said it runs great. Starts right up. Fresh Gas and Oil.
It is a 1993 .

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Post the engine Mfg, Type, Code etc. usually found one the engine shroud above the spark plug and someone will help you. Have a good one. Geo
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Briggs and stratton 190406. the entire number listed is 190404 /6142-01 / 92092410.
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It's more likely the carb needs a thorough cleaning, and possibly re-kitted.
governors/throttle linkages don't go bad on their own, unless they've been tampered with, i.e. springs stretched, linkage rods bent, etc.
190404 is the model, 6142 is the type, go to the Briggs site
and using these you can download the illustrated parts list.
hope this helps,

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Thanks for your help. you were right . It was the carb need to be adjusted. I inceased the mixture screw 1/4 turn and now she dosent drop the Idle. Kinda weird. Never thought that would have been it.

Thanks agian. Any idea on how and what type of tachometer to put on a snow thrower?
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Vibratory type tachometers work surprisingly well on small engines. Most any small engine shop should be able to order one for you. Once you have one, you place the body of the tach on solid part of the engine (I like to use the flywheel blower shroud) and dial the wire in or out to get your reading and set the RPM's accordingly by bending the governor spring tab (lower spring mount) to adjust such (on your Briggs thrower engine).

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