LH358SA/Poulan Snow blower


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LH358SA/Poulan Snow blower

I bought a brand new Poulan pro snow thrower PP10530ES last year and it has a LH358SA engine on it. I used it a few times. The problem is that when it first started and after it was running it seemed to loose power and backfire sometimes. When i turned on the auger it seems to stop running rough. The last time i used it it seemed to loose power then it would just quit. I thought it was the gas cap. I drained the tank and the carb bowl after the last time using it. This year when i put new gas in it and started it, it still backfired somewhat and also seems to loose power and generally seems to run rough. It revs up and down. I tried loosening the gas cap but that did not seem to help. It did however keep running during the snow removal and seemed to run a little better after warming up. Whenever I make an adjustment to the throttle lever it just does not sound right and backfires a little. I have not made any adjustments since receiving it new from the factory. Thanks
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If it's still under warranty you should take it to a dealer. It sounds like it is running lean so without knowing about your engine I will suggest the following.
Clamp off the fuel line and remove the carb bowl, release the clamp to see that you have a good fuel flow to the carb. The nut that held the carb on has 2 holes at the bottom and another mid way up clean these holes(I usually use the wire from a twist tie) then blow out the holes with brake parts cleaner, reassemble and you should be good to go. Have a good one. Geo
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Smile LHSA engine

Call Tecumsh Tech Dept 262-376-8306

Ask for Jeff might be able to help ypu out

I had same endine on HUsquvanna SB 4 mths out of warranty the rod blows through the casing. I had to tear down to find the cause Shop said it was loose rod blot but after talking with tech they said there was alumniumn transfer which happens when engine has over 900 degress haet. I asked if using sb in winter with temp below 32 degress how coild this happen .They told me not enough oil or if oil was low and use sb on inline of 27 degress could cause engine to run hot. Hey They are going to cover the cost of a short block but not the labor. I would have expected this engine to last longer .I had a tecumsh on my old 5.5HP and it was still going strong when i gave it away.
Get tasken care of right away so thaye can't come back to you and say you didn't take care of it or brought it in .Mine did the same thing sometimes a popping sound when i shut it off . I took there word that it was normal and would go away . it still happened.

Good Luck:

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