8hp / 26inch Cut MTD Track Snowblower Drive Problems


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8hp / 26inch Cut MTD Track Snowblower Drive Problems


I have an MTD track snowblower 8hp, 26inch cut, model # 315E740F000. I have owned it for about 4 years and have had no problems with it. Towards the end of last winter the right side drive started to slip when under a load. I just rebuilt the whole drive replacing worn shafts, bushings, and the friction disc. The only thing that I didn't mess with is the clutches for the steering. I would suspect that something is going on with the clutch on the right side, but I pulled a parts diagram up , and I am not sure what would make it slip. Could someone please advise me on what to do to correct this problem?

Another problem that I am having is that the electric start is not working since I took it out of storage. I pulled the starter motor apart on it a few years ago, and cleaned the armature, and lubed the shaft. Is there something that I can do to fix this problem? When I push the button it does nothing.

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I don't know anything about snowblowers, but stay tuned, someone here will chime in with some advice.

On the starter, do you have a voltmeter? Have you checked for power at the starter when you push the button? It may be bad wiring or start button.
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For the drive slippage I'd think you have a clutch cable issue and it is not operating fully and partially disengaging the clutch. Look at the dog related to the RH clutch and watch if you have full travel, at the clutch end, when you depress and release the finger-actuated control. For the starter, if you get absolutely no noise at all when you push the starter button then I'd have to think that you have a faulty outlet, extension cord or starter switch. Try utilizing a new outlet first, then a new cord and finally, you'd need to remove the starter and test for power beyond the switch at the brush card and go from there depending on the test result.

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