Expiration date on gasoline?


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Question Expiration date on gasoline?

Is this possible? Is it true that gasoline can go stale? If you have read my other thread, I built a go cart with my friends that has an engine that requires mix. I am 14 years old. I found some mix in my garage. I can remember my dad making that same mix when i was only 6. I pourd some of it in a plastic water bottle to examine it, and it came out looking like THIS.Is this mix still good?
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No, 8 year old gas is no good. In small quantities (like a one gallon can), gas doesn't last long. There are a lot of different factors that come into play as to how long it can last, but in optimal conditions, it still wouldn't be any good at all at 8 years old.
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So, if I put it in my lawn mower, would it not ignite? How do i dispose of this stale mix properly?
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I would not put it in your lawn mower unless you don't like the thing. It's not that it wouldn't combust at all, it's just all the stuff left behind in the fuel system.

You're 14? I'm suuure you can think of a good way to "dispose" of this. Make it a "science" project. I shall say no more.
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Take the fuel to your local auto service shop, they'll take the fuel and dispose of it properly. You'll also probably need to buy a new container as I'd bet that you have varnish buildup inside of it. And, my opinion is that 8-year old fuel will NOT combust.

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