Toro 521 auger problem! (help)


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Question Toro 521 auger problem! (help)

I have a toro 521 snowblower 1992 model...
can someone tell me what might be wrong?
the auger is two pieces and all of a sudden only one side spins, the other side just moves freely!
I probably destroyed something where they connect together,I looked it up in the toro parts catalog and there is many parts it could be.... But i just need to know what so i can get it fixed A.S.A.P.
Thank for any help you can give me!
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Check your shear pin.
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Shear pin snapped

Each side of the auger has a shear pin through it. If you check the side of the auger that just spins freely the pin may have sheared off. If part of the shear pin is still in the auger use a punch small enough to knock it out and then line up the holes on the auger shaft and replace the shear pin.
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Don't panic, it's a shear pin, available for less than $3 at any Lawn mower shop. Simple wrench job to do, may take all of 5 minutes, and you will be back in business.
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Yep.. Shear pin. The biggest problem with Toro's is the use big drums on their augers. You have to look for the holes in the drum. Then you have to use 2 sockets with extensions to remove them as you can not access them with an open end or box wrench.
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Unhappy Toro 521 Auger problem.

I have a Toro 521, purchased 1988.
With the snow storm we had today, after using the snowblower for about 1/2 hrs without any problems,
I encounterd the same problem with the right side auger,
the left auger would turn with the blower on and the right side would not turn. With the blower off, the right auger can be turn and the left one would be unable to turn.

Members indicated to check the SHEAR pin and replace if necessary. I checked the Toro parts index and could not locate a part number. Without a part number I have no idea
how to replace pin. Where is this Shear pin?

The blower was still working with one auger, although very slower. Thanks in advance for any replies.
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Terminology is different for every brand. Toro calls the shear pin a "screw-hh". The Toro part number is 321-10. It is most likely a 1/4" or 5/16". It will be located on the shaft part of the auger, towards the outer end. Look for the hole in the drum. That is where the shear pin would be located. You will have to turn the drum to line up the hole with the shaft. You will also have to turn the shaft to get that hole lined up. To do that, slowly & safely turn the impeller.
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Smile Toro 521 auger problem

To indypower 500.

Thank you for your prompt reply. The part you gave me is the correct part and I had to also buy the nut (part #32152-4 Nut lock cone). Total cost $2.50 plus tax at the authorized Toro dealer. As you said, take it showly and the installation went smoothly. More credit to my wife who has the patience in the family. Snowblower works fine and my wife says it is a snowblower not a rock blower. Saved me a bundle and now waiting for the next storm. Thanks and have the best year ever.

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Toro evil plan

Don't even attempt this simple repair without two sockets of the correct size - with extensions. Toro's exceedingly well-executed evil plan is to force the consumer to put their busted snowblower on a truck to the Toro dealer to change a broken shear pin. If my experience is typical, this would be once or twice a year (I live in Connecticut). Engineers made this simple repair ridiculously difficult by concealing both ends of the pin deep inside a drum, making them nearly impossible to reach. Add cold temperatures and darkness and, well, you get the picture.

Defeat Toro. Get the extra sockets and do it yourself.


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