Choke Problems with my Small Engine


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Choke Problems with my Small Engine


I have a Tecumseh 5.5hp Motor on my Snowblower.

Model LH195sp

Spec 67514D

It will start with the Choke fully on, and I can move it to 2/3 choke, but when I try and move it to 1/3 choke, it dies unless i put it back to either 2/3 or Full choke. I can keep the engine running by pressing the primer button, but thats not gonna work..haha

I've also notice that there is no type of "Air Filter" is this right??? The engine is almost 1 yr old

Thanks for you time and help.


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Remove the bolt that holds the bowl on the carburetor and clean the tiny holes in it. There are probably 4, the smallest of which is near the end and very hard to see when clogged.

I don't believe snowblowers have air filters.
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Correct, no air filter on snowthrowers. If the trick of cleaning the bowl nut/main jet works only fair then you'll need to remove and soak and recondition the carburetor.
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Smile Choke problem....Update

Hey Cheese and Puey, Thank you so much for you help....

There were only 2 holes on my bolt, but one was pretty clogged up, and I used a straight pin and some carb cleaner and cleaned it up...Is running with the choke fully opened!

Just wanted to thank you again, and to let you know how I fared!

One question, should I use Gas with the 10% Grain Alcohol? or just regular unleaded gas?
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If it gives you any more problems you might recheck the bowl nut, there is usually another hole about mid way up,very tiny, I usually use the wire from a twist tie to clean them. Refer to the picture below. Have a good one. Geo

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