Craftsman 5 hp snow blower


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Craftsman 5 hp snow blower

I bought this machine two years ago. It worked perfectly. Last year I didn't use it, because there was no snow. Yesterday I want to start the machine, I put new gas in the tank, it started, but stopped immediately. Anyone can help me to go further. What else I should check? What is the problem?
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Did you drain out the old gas before refueling it? You could also have a look at the spark plug and see if it needs cleaning but chances are the main carb jet is clogged. If you don't feel confident about about cleaning the carb yourself you can just keep on trying to start it. It may take a while but chances are it will eventually stay running and burn remnants of old gas (it will smoke). If the problem is what I think it is the machine will run rough until the carb is cleaned though.
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See if Fuel line valve is open.
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Please post the engine Mfg, Type and Code numbers usually found on the engine shroud just above the spark plug or post the Sears model number xxx.xxxxxxx and someone will help you. The carb is probably varnished from setting with fuel in it and will require cleaning to get rid of the varnish. I will guess and say it is a Tec engine, so here we go;
clamp off the fuel line, remove the carb bowl, release the clamp to see if you have a good fuel flow to the carb, now raise the float to see if it shuts off the fuel flow, if everything works so far clean the holes in the bowl nut(main jet) 2 at the bottom and one about midway up(I usually use the wire from a twist tie) reassemble and you should be good to go. Post back as to your progress. Have a good one. Geo

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