8 hp Arien's snowblower backfires.


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8 hp Arien's snowblower backfires.

I have an over 25 year old Ariens snow blower that I let a friend tune up :-(( Last night was the first storm I used it on and it started great but seemed weaker that it was when I started to throw snow. After it warmed up a little it started to backfire then got real bad as it warmed up more. I could see flames shooting out the exhaust. Any ideas what I need to adjust. I assume it is running to rich but I don't want to make it worse. I always use fule additive and always turn off gas to let it turn off that way.
Any thoughts?
Thanks Ivan
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First thing I'd try adjusting is throttle stop (idle screw). Flame flashes occurring even before when the machine has had time to heat up usually mean you're running lean rather than rich.

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