Toro 824 - Help Needed


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Toro 824 - Help Needed

I have a Toro 824 that is approximately 20 years old. It has three forward gears and two reverse. The engine runs like a champ, however, it does not seem to be putting out enough power to drive the machine. It throws snow but I have to push to really get anywhere.

If I lift the wheels in first and second gear as well as the two reverse gears the wheels move as if properly driven by the gears (vary in speed and direction) but if I put it down it doesn't go anywhere. Third gear doesn't seem to act similarly.

Can anyone recommend where to start?

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Check the rubber on the drive disc. Being 20 years old, I wouldn't be surprised if you find the rubber has chunks missing form drying out. Also check the flat disc it drives for oil on it. Oiling the drive chains will help it move easier, too.
Also check the tire air pressure. 20 lbs. 90% of the equipment that comes into my shop has less than 10 lbs in the tires. Very hard to tell just by looking at the tire as the snowblower is not heavy enough to "squat" the tires.

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