spring placemen/throttle lever tecumseh


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spring placemen/throttle lever tecumseh

Hello. I have an older model craftsman 9 HP Tecumseh. track driven snowblower. I had to take the throttle lever off to make a gasline repair. There is a small circular, wound spring that is attached at one end, to a small plate that has a cam on it, with an adjustment srew. The other end of this spring is simply dangling, which I do not know where this was attached. It has a small hook in the end, like it was suppose to go into a whole, but there really is no place for this, that makes sense. (when I say circular, I do not mean like an ink pen spring, it is meant to be a wound spring) This may be part of the governor mechanism, and possibly this spring gets loaded up by placing the spring hook under the lever itself. If anybody knows what I'm talking about, please let me know where this spring attaches, as it needs to be loaded. Thank you, Greg
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The spring goes in the slot at the end of the lever with the holes in it. Look at this photo top photo)


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