Homemade Air Compressor....Any Ideas??


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Question Homemade Air Compressor....Any Ideas??

Hi Guys, I know a cheap job mate compressor is only $69 but heck I'd like to try building my own. I have known people in the past that have used old propane cylinders and converted them into an air pig. Only cost about $15 in adapters at the hardware store. So my question is this.............if I can use a propane cylinder for an air pig how can I go about using one into a compressor design? I woud like to use the compressor for a bit of painting too. So I think it has to run at a minimum of 30psi ?? A bit of a list of what I would need would be much appreciated. It really should'nt be an expensive project.
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"Heck" might not be a good enough reason to build your own air compressor.

The propane tank you propose to use would be able to withstand the normal operating pressure of compressed air but is not designed for it.
A major problem is that there is no condensate drain and if the pump you put on it runs excessively you will generate more moisture that normal.
Another more important concern is that the valve normally found on propane tanks has a pressure relief that has a setting twice that found on a proper air compressor set up.

This plus the fact that you will have to come up with a pressure switch with an air release, a check valve, a proper pressure relief valve, a small bag full of fittings, copper tubing, a regulator, a motor, pulleys, a belt and to top it off a pump.

This all makes that $69.00 a pretty good buy!

I have "built" several and you don't do it to save money.
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Your plan is quite an involved undertaking... You're better off buying one for $70 or whatever than building one.. especially if you don't have any of the parts that GregH listed..
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Keep in mind that painting requires a significant volume of air - what you're proposing might not cut it anyway.
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home made air comp

I am using a lp tank for an air tank one thing you have to put up with is the smell for the first year or so. RW
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What type of painting do you plan to do?
Most paints/guns will need more than 30psi not to mention the greater need - cfm. A large tank is almost always needed if doing any amount of painting.
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In the warmer weather I plan on fixing up the car a bit and was hoping to paint it myself. i was looking for plans to build myself a compressor. It was basically a winter project for me to play around with. However, if indeed it would be dangerous or too expensive to build I'll just buy one in the spring. I appreciate the feedback everyone.
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Painting and sanding are the 2 biggest consumers of cfm. You might want to research the tools you plan to use and then buy an air compressor accordingly.

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