Toro 724 does not throw as well as it should


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Toro 724 does not throw as well as it should


I have a toro 724 (1978) that runs quite well and everything works. The only small problem that I have is that at times the 2nd stage shoot clogs. The Engine does not strain and I checked the the shear keys and everything look good and tight. The one thing that I have done recently was change the auger belt and i'm thinking that this may have something to do with the problem. I'm very conservative when it comes to setting the tensioner and do not want to make it too tight but could this be my problem. Is there any way of knowing how tight to set this belt without making it too tight?

Thanks for any help,
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The tensioner must be set with enough pressure or the belt will slip and not turn the blower fast enough. The handle should be about a quarter inch off the grip when engaged and rest is pressure to keep the belt fully tight. I do not know the model number 38??? to tell you the correct method of adjustment.
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Toro 724

Thanks for responding Camio Kid;

The model is 35050 serial number 8000 series.

I do have the manual and have made some adjustments to this belt; just playing it concervative because I don't want to damage or cause premature wear of components.

In the manual it does not really call out anything specific; only that you don't want to overtighten the belt. I changed the auger center bearing (actually it only has a sleeve) over a year ago and everything is tight. I may give it one more turn the next time I use it.

Thanks again.

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