Toro Powerlite sputters & dies under load


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Question Toro Powerlite sputters & dies under load

I got a used Toro Powerlite at the end of last year so I don't know it's history. I never had a chance to use it last season.

I put a fresh tank of gas in with the correct 50:1 mixture and it fires up ok, but when I start to use it, it backfires, sputters, and dies. It will start right back up no problem, and even idle okay, but when I place a load on the engine, it starts backfiring again and dies.

I would like to try to fix it myself. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
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Two things can be causing your problem. 1) you may have a jet in the bottom fuel bowl of the carb that is partially plugged. or 2) the spark plug is going south. I had a customer lose the engine on a new unit where the fuel bowl nut on the carb was undersize from the Tecumseh factory and was running the engine super lean. Only a trained ear could hear it when the old carb was used on the new engine. A new fuel bowl nut cured the problem. Also had the same type engine come in the that was doing a lot of coughing. Put in a new plug, CJ8Y - Champion, and the engine settled down. Hope this helps
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My Powerlite also acted up this season. Mine required that the choke be left in the full "on" position to run. Power was also low - even with the choke on.

Cleaning the carb solved the problem. The main fuel induction jet is accessable holding the float bowl in place. Remove this nut shaped jet, allowing the float bowl to be dropped & removed. Clean both of these items. I used a spray carb. solvent and a small wire to clean the small orifice hole. You should be able to blow through the orifice to assure it is open.

Be careful not to remove the float-needle valve assembly because reassembly is very difficult. You will need four hands and small fingers to reattach the tiny spring on the float shaft that tensions the float.

Best of luck - These are great machines, easy starting, and so light weight. I did have some particles in the fuel bowl and apparently one stuck in the fuel orifice.

Norm M
Columbus, OH
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thanks - i'll give it a try!

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