Snapper snowblower trouble


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Snapper snowblower trouble

Hello everyone...first time poster here.

I am having a problem starting my Snapper 3201 S snowblower. There is an electric start, but it hasn't worked in years. The pull start has worked since it was purchased, but this year it will not. Now, there hasn't been any maintenance done to this thing. I guess I can't say never. The spark plug was changed last year. But that's about it. I understand that's not a good thing, but right now I would just like some tips on how to approach the problem. I dont feel like spending $250+ on a new machine.

What should my first move be? I am thinking another new spark plug, plus draining the gas and adding fresh gas/oil mix. Anything else to try right away? Any order I should try things? I figure drain the gas and start fresh there first. as for the spark plug, I would have no idea how to check if it is still firing properly. To say that I am a novice with small machines is an understatement

Thanks in advance for the help everybody.
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First thing I would do is remove the recoil starter and try it to see if it works off the engine. If it does, your problem is a seized engine. Could be only rusted rings from sitting all summer which would be the best case senario. If so, pull the spark plug, pour some Marvel Mystery oil down the hole and let set for a day, then try to pull it over.
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Thanks indy...PM coming your way. Anyone else with tips/advice?

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