Flame Coming Out of Exhaust on Tecumseh 4 HP Snowblower Engine


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Flame Coming Out of Exhaust on Tecumseh 4 HP Snowblower Engine

I recently purchased a used Ariens 20" snowblower with a 4 HP Techumseh engine. The overall condition is really good considering the age. The other night I was using it and I noticed that when I revved it up, the muffler got red-hot and occasionally flames shot out of the exhaust. I'm sure that this is not "normal" and would like any help that I can get in resolving this. I do not have the Engine model # with me right now but I can post it later this evening.

One thing I noticed right away when I was purchasing this unit was that there was no air cleaner. The guy I bought this from said, "Oh, snowblowers don't have air cleaners, it'll be okay that there is nothing covering the air intake". I wondered about that so I began to research it a little. In looking up the owner's manual, I noticed that there is suppose to be a box of some sort that encloses the entire carburetor. Is this necessary and if so, does anyone know where I could find a used one? (This is a 70's model so I anticipate that I will no longer be able to buy a new one) Also, is there suppose to be an air filter on this?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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It probably won't run with an air cleaner so you ought to fix the flame problem first. It is running extremely rich and an air cleaner will make it worse.

Possible causes:

-Float is stuck, saturated with fuel, mis-adjusted, or is a cork float that has deteriorated.
-High speed needle valve could be worn and/or opened to far.
-Intake valve could be burned or cracked.
-Intake seat could be burned or cracked.
-Cracked crankcase at the valves.

Is there fuel in the crankcase?
Does it spit fuel out of the carburetor?
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Actually, high exhaust temps and pops and flames are an indication that the engine is running LEAN, not rich. I suggest cleaning the carburetor.

Don't worry about an air cleaner...snowblowers don't have them. I don't know about the enclosure you described...maybe a heater box, or something to keep snow from getting up around the intake and icing it over?
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I had a lawn tractor that had a crack in the block near the intake valve. It sucked gas into the crankcase, blew flames out of the muffler, blew gas out of the carburetor, smoked, and made all sorts of noise.

If I hadn't experienced it myself, I wouldn't have mentioned it here.
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Arrow Same problem - reason why for me

My 8 HP Yard Machine snowthrower was doing the same thing.
Cheese's reply to you was what worked for me.
The mixture was too lean.

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