carb problems Tecumseh 4hp (HS 40)


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carb problems Tecumseh 4hp (HS 40)

The problem is that gas pores thru the carb after shutting off.
Seems to run acceptably otherwise. This is on a snowblower.
I installed parts from a rebuild kit. The float floats. Nothing has helped. Can it be that there is to much slop in the casting and float holes even with the new supplied pin? Manually pushing up the float does stop the flow so the seat is ok.
Suggestions or advice would be highly appreciated.
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Here is the necessary info. Have a good one. Geo

All Tecumseh carburetors with an adjustable float require
the correct float height to achieve the proper operation
and easy engine starts. To check the float height, hold the
carburetor in an upside down position. Remove the bowl
nut, float bowl, and "O" ring. Place an 11/64" (4.36 mm)
diameter drill bit across the top of the carburetor casting
on the opposite side and parallel to the float hinge pin
(diag. 39). The float must just touch the drill bit when the
bit is flush with the edge of the float. If the float is too high
or too low, adjust the height by bending the tab
accordingly. If the required adjustment is minor, the tab
adjustment may be made without removing the float and
carefully inserting a small bladed screwdriver to bend the
Float sticking can occur due to deposits or when the fuel
tank is filled for the first time, this condition can be quickly
corrected by loosening the carburetor bowl nut one full
turn. Turn the bowl 1/4 turn in either direction, then return
the bowl to its original position and tighten the bowl nut.
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Thankyou Geo.
You put me on the right track. The clearance was about .240.
I dont know how it got so wide. I didnt bend it. I had gotten a book on old carbs from the library (this carb is 1979) and it said clearance should be around .209. So I decided to go part way to your spec and see what happened. It did indeed stop the leaking at .209. I will try this for awhile. Now that I know I can adjust it tighter.
Thanks again. Saved me $70-80.

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