Snapper Lawnmower problem


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Snapper Lawnmower problem

I picked up a self propelled Snapper lawnmower from a friend that needed some work. I took the carburetor apart to rebuild it and found it was literally full of white crumbly corrosion type stuff. The needle valve was stuck in the bore and the stem the bowl nut screws into has some notches in the bottom from corrosion.. Long story short, the carb is shot. All I really need is a Carb main body as everything else from the carburetor is fine. I can post a picture of the old (float bowl type) carb if anyone wants it. Engine numbers are: 1987 Briggs 4hp 111702 3047
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The part number for the complete carb is 491002. The body alone is not available from Briggs. Carb is about $75.
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If you have a small engine shop any where close you should be able to get a used carb for $10.00. Have a good one. Geo
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Any ideas as to what caused such bad corrosion?
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Short answers...age, bad gas, water in the gas, poor maintenance.

That white crumbly stuff is prob aluminum oxide (rust equivalent). Be glad you don't own a salt water boat, you'd know it intimately.

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My experience with white crumbly stuff is having water sit in carb, have used Lime-A-Way to clean it up.
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it is definitely corrosion, and it is corroded so bad that the holes that hold the float pin are almost corroded away as well as the outer part of the stem the bowl nut threads into. I dont know what happened to it in the first place as I got this second hand. The maintenance was not good as the oil came out looking like molasses.. however the engine does run with a newer style of gas tank/carb but the tank/carb doesnt fit "well".. I'll look into a used carb but If I cant find one I'll just junk it. the cost for a new carb from Briggs is $47-$56 which isn't worth it since the mower is 20 years old..

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