Trying To Remove Flywheel Off A Tecumseh H35 2.7 Hp From Ariens Snowblower


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Angry Trying To Remove Flywheel Off A Tecumseh H35 2.7 Hp From Ariens Snowblower

I've got a 70's Ariens 2.7 hp snowblower with a Tecumseh
H35 4 stroke engine. I've got no spark at all and am trying to remove the flywheel to see if the ingnition coil is at fault or maybe a point/condesor issue.?

With the rip-cord assembly off I've tried to wrap around the flywheel a medium gauge (orange outdoor) extention cord wire a few times around the flywheel counterclockwise and while holding thisn with my left hand I tried ratchetting the flywheel nut clockwise to release it. Nothing budges.

any suggestions please? Am I tuirning the flywheel nut in the correct clockwise direction to get it off?


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its counter clockwise righty tighty lefty loosey . also its not going to come off without a flywheel puller
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The nut will come off without a puller, it's just the flywheel will not come off with a puller. Just to clarify Flirty's post.
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Just to add, the puller used on these is not your typical puller.
What it is, is a solid nut that you screw on, then hit it with a hammer. If you try to use a puller with jaws and place the jaws under the outer part of the flywheel, you will break the flywheel if you don't bend or break the puller first.
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Thanks To All Your Responses

I don't have access to a flywheel puller and I'm confident the flywhell will come off its taprred spindle once the flywheel nut is off. with a rubber mallet and large well placed screwdriver gentlly proding the perimeter of the flywheel

I just need to get a friend over and lassoo the flywhell with a belt or something and whack the nut to the Left which is Counterclockwise. I was whacking it clockwise yesterday and getting that darn nut even tighter.

Just to make sure,is it left (counterclockwise) to loosen please?

Nutty Gus
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flirty1 you are correct about counterclockwised for nut removal.Flywheel is off

Flirty1 was on the money. The nut did come off. Right is tighty,lefty is loosey.

I used a few feet of telephone connect wire then tied one end to the axle of one wheel,wrapped the wire a few times clockwise around the flywheel and made sure to get the wire gripped in the flywheel gears for tension and then tied the other end off in-line with respect to the flywheel and vertically down.. I then whacked the nut counterclockwise and just pryed a little with a tire iron levering between the flywhell and the engine block and presto the flywheel came off with little force.

No need to get a fly puller at all.

I'll just start another thread to ask how to check a condensor (solinoid) and ignition coil with a multi-meter.

Thanks all again

toronto canada

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